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Call of Duty: Black Ops, my thoughts

When I was first introduced to the Call of Duty series Infinity Ward had just released Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Lot's of fun, put my old favorite PlayStation title SOCOM to shame. Then I played the beta of the upcoming Call of Duty: World at War by Treyarch. It was ok, nothing compared to Modern Warfare, plus I had heard that IW was far superior to Treyarch. That being said I passed up on World at War. Modern Warfare 2 was the return of Infinity Ward and got my attention immediately due to IW making this new version of COD. Modern Warfare 2 was a lot of fun just like COD4 but was a HUGE upgrade from 4.


Xbox Kinect review

And so it beings, the “Motion Control Wars.” In the ring you have three major companies battling it out for the Motion Control championship. Who will win? Nintendo entered the ring back in 2006 has had a nice head start in the genre. Sony has recently entered the ring with the PlayStation Move which was a major improvement on the Nintendo Wii’s motion controls. Now the big M, Microsoft, has put their gloves on and released Kinect.

First dubbed Project Natal, Microsoft decided to take motion control to a whole different level. Controllers? Who need controllers?! With Kinect there are no controllers, just your hands, feet, that I think about it... your entire body. Kinect also take vocal input, which is awesome!


Fallout: New Vegas mini-review from a Fallout 1 & 2 fan

Back in early October of 1997 I got a call from my best friend Nick from high school and he was going on and on about this new game he just got called Fallout.  “Dude…you gotta pick this game up!’ He told me, “I can’t put it down.  My character and this guy I met, Ian, are tearing it up.”  He proceeded to tell me about the “SPECIAL” system and all the skills and traits he had picked for his character.  Me being the sucker that I am for peer pressure, I went out right after I got off the phone and picked up the game.

Fallout was easily one of the best games I had ever played.  All the ways you could customize your character, the different paths through the game and the multiple ways to complete quests just floored me.  Plus…it had Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver) voicing one of the characters in the game.  You can’t go wrong with that!  Enjoying Fallout as much as I did, it was a no brainer that I would pick up Fallout 2 when it released a year later.  The return to the wastelands of the Fallout universe with Fallout 2 was another great game in the series.


GameStop is terrible for buying used consoles and accessories!

I recently got an Xbox 360 Elite from my cousin who upgraded to an Xbox 360 Slim.  I now had my old Xbox 360 (original from launch) that I was planning on trading back in to GameStop for credit and using said credit to get the PlayStation Move.  However, I didn’t get any controllers from my cousin, so I was just going to keep my controllers that I had gotten with my original Xbox 360.

Sounds like a solid idea, right?  Well, that doesn’t work in GameStop’s world.  You can’t trade in an Xbox 360 console without a controller.  They just don’t take the system by itself is what I was told by a GameStop manager with a huge smile on his face.  So I asked him how much it would cost to buy a used Xbox 360 controller.  $40.  Yeah…you heard me right…$40 for a fucking used controller.  How much was a new controller?  $50!  So if I would have bought the overpriced used controller for $40, I probably could have traded it in along with the system for $60 and maybe made $15.  It wasn’t even cash I wanted…it was for goddamned store credit!!!  Store credit I was going spend right there and then in the store!

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