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I just found my first Nintendo 3DS Street Pass friends

I guess I haven't really posted this (however, you would know if you followed me on Twitter), but I did end up breaking down and getting a Nintendo 3DS last week at a midnight launch.  And today, after a full week of no luck, I finally passed someone with a Nintendo 3DS and Street Pass worked.  So welcome to my Nintendo 3DS MaBrown and Seloy!

Follow me on Twitter @NathiasWGNET.


Nintendo 3DS final thoughts before launch

If you are like me today, you are sitting at home and wondering if you should have reserved the Nintendo 3DS or wondering if you should trek out to the stores tomorrow (or maybe at midnight) to pick it up. I've honestly been holding off until I see some better games come out. Like it or not, the 3DS is here to stay. It's the successor to the Nintendo DS.  It's more powerful than the Nintendo DS and even if developers aren't sold on 3D technology, they will take their games to it.  So I wouldn't let the fear of the Nintendo 3DS turning into the next Nintendo Virtual Boy scare you away from a day one purchase.  It won't flop that bad.  Nintendo won't let it.  In recent weeks, we've seen Nintendo back away from their stance of having only 3D games on the Nintendo 3DS.


Nintendo 3DS Price and Release Date Announced? BLAH!

As you have already seen, Nintendo has finally announced the cost and release date of the Nintendo 3DS. But 25,000 YEN equates to about $300 US so figure it will cost roughly $230 here given the exchange rate, etc. That's a lot of dough for a handheld system. For the same price or pretty close you can get a home console that does much much more.

I am not one to generally knock Nintendo but that price seems high. I would have been more accepting of $150-$200, but breaking that $200 mark... ouch. Will I get one? Probably. I am sure that once I get my hands on one I will fall in love with the technology and want to buy it. It seems promising but I guess I have sticker shock right now and what sucks most of all is that we have to wait till March 2011 for a US launch.  UGH!

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