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E3 2010: Jason's Day 3 Thoughts

So Day three has come and gone, technically Day 2 of the show floor being open, and nothing really too groundbreaking today.  New information on LEGO: Harry Potter Years 1 -4, LEGO: Star Wars 3: Clone Wars, and EyePet Move was announced.

I would like to have seen a lot more demos of Move and Kinect.  Niether tech has really sold me yet and I feel this is the time to do it.  Still no words of pricing from Microsoft for Kinect....This has me worried.  Is it going to cost more than Move?

Mortal Kombat... How could I have forgotten.  Have I mentioned that it looks ridiculously awesome and it's about time the franchise got a refresh like this?

Overall Meh, Hopefully tomorrow will bring more information on the Nintendo 3DS.  To me the biggest announcements this year have been the hardware: PlayStation Move, Xbox Kinect, and Nintendo 3DS.  That is so far. Let's see what tomorrow brings.


E3 2010: Jason's Day 2 Thoughts

It's very hard to not be overwhelmed by the amount of new products being announced at E3.  I'll admit it, I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed with all these amazing announcements today.  Where to start...

The Nintendo 3DS...  Simply an amazing device.  When you think there is nothing else that can be done to the handheld market, Nintendo comes along and changes everything.  Basically to some it up "if you aren't buying the 3DS on day 1...why are you still alive?"  Looking forward to Paper Mario, Professor Layton..  Unfortunately no pricing details have been released yet ...

Metroid: Other M looks simply fantastic.  To think that the Nintendo Wii can pump out pixels like those shown on the trailers.. amazing.  Gameplay looks really fun too, I can't wait to get my hands on this.

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