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I just got a Google Voice phone number

Not to turn this into a LiveJournal or anything, but Jason always posts how in love with his iPhone he is, so I figured I'm allow to tell people how much I love my Samsung Moment that is powered by Google.

I got an invite to Google Voice a LONG time ago and I never used it because I couldn't figure out what phone number I wanted to use.  Basically, you get your own local phone number from Google...and when people call that will automatically ring all your other phones and transfer the call.  So someone calls my Google phone number...I get the call on my cell phone.  It also does visual voicemail and transcribes all voicemails that are left if you don't answer the call.  How awesome is that?  Answer:  Really awesome!

But the best part....I just got a Google phone number with "GAMER" in it.   So you can call (XXX)- XX-GAMER and reach me.  SO AWESOME!!!  Anyways...just wanted to tell someone...sorry if this feels like a LiveJournal post.


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PlayStation Move Thoughts

Have any of you seen PlayStation Move in action?  Last night on PlayStation Home they had some kind of event blah blah blah, anyway there was a video in the theatre from a recent showing of PlayStation Move and to be honest I was quite unimpressed.  Maybe it's because I've had a Nintendo Wii since 2006 but, everything that was shown, with the exception of SOCOM 4, appeared to be very gimmicky and an attempt to catch up to Nintendo.  Just about everything they showed felt like it was already done by Nintendo and probably done better, graphics aside of course.

I honestly can't remember any of the game titles that I saw last night.  I remember some sports games (table tennis), which by the way looked incredibly laggy, some drawing game where you had to draw really fast with the Move controller, a mini-game that the objective was to cut hair, and finally Downhill Office Chair Racing.  Yes that's exactly what it is, a downhill racing game on a friggin' chair!!!!  Give me a break!  Crap crap crap that's all I saw last night.

Granted even though I am not in awe from what I saw, I still am psyched to see and try out PlayStation Move.  What do you guys think?  Are you impressed so far?  Vote on our new poll down on the bottom.


Xbox 360 and Twitter

Okay, I have another gripe with Xbox 360.  We get all these cool achievements for doing various things in games and our 360s can't even automatically update our Twitter profile to let people know about them?  I'm not asking for a huge post on Twitter....but a little something like "Nathias has earned the such and such achivement in this game."  Is it really that hard?  My toilet can update my Twitter account (okay...not really) and the 360 can't handle a simple thing as dumping an update into Twitter?

Seriously, the only reason for having Twitter on the 360 is so we can read and make manual posts?  C'mon...

I guess the same can be said for Facebook integration as well...but the 360 not "tweeting" bothers me somewhat more.


Xbox 360 and

We now take a break from our unending coverage of the Great PS3 Fatty Outage of 2010 to talk about something else.

I just started using Pandora music service a couple months ago.  For those who don't know what it is, you basically create an account...add songs, music genres, artists, etc that you enjoy and it will create a random music playlist of music it thinks you will enjoy.  It's actually really cool.  The service isn't on 360.  I guess Xbox 360 has, which from what I understand since I don't use it, is similar.

Here is my beef....why can't we stream music while we are playing games?  I'm currently playing a game on 360 that has absolutely terrible music that makes me want to take a hammer to my head.  I don't feel like dumping my MP3s to my 360 or setting up the media connector on my home PC, just so I can waste electric while leaving my PC running.  It would be nice if Microsoft and Xbox could do something to remedy this.


Dear Sony, I have one wish....

....for you to get your heads out of your asses!  What the hell is wrong with you people?  I just finished watching the GamesCom presentation and talk about a let down.  First off...nice job keeping the PS3 Slim under it really that hard to prevent leaked photos of your unannounced PlayStation 3 revamp?  Then between like every retailer posting "pre-order" details for the PS3 Slim in the previous weeks...not a shocker that it was coming.

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