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End the Next-Gen Console War

Can we end the phrase “next-gen console war”?  Honestly…there isn’t any war between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.  And even if there was, you, the buyer of either console, aren’t a part of it.  No console will “fail”.  Neither system needs you to help sell it or cheerlead for it.  Microsoft and Sony don’t need your help.  They each have huge budgets and professionals to help get the word out and sell their products.


The Failure of SimCity and the Cities of Tomorrow

SimCity (Technically, SimCity 5 or SimCity 2013, just so we are clear about which version I’m talking about since EA/Maxis dropped the numbering) was a huge disappointment for me.  EA/Maxis were close to hitting the mark, but couldn’t get the game exactly to what longtime fans of the series expected.  Let me tell you where the game failed in my eyes.


Duke Nukem Forever mini review; DNF isn't that bad!

I’m not sure I get where all the hate for Duke Nukem Forever comes from.  I’ve seen some absolutely horrendous reviews for the game.  I’m not exactly sure what people were expecting.  A game that has been in development hell for 12 years with multiple restarts for various reasons.  We aren’t looking at a game that had 12 years of solid development time which was used to evolve the game to a masterpiece.  Hell…the game was even cancelled at one point and was lucky to have Gearbox Software revive the project and bring it to completion so it could see the light of day.  Finally, Duke Nukem Forever wouldn’t be the longest running vaporware joke.


Nintendo 3DS final thoughts before launch

If you are like me today, you are sitting at home and wondering if you should have reserved the Nintendo 3DS or wondering if you should trek out to the stores tomorrow (or maybe at midnight) to pick it up. I've honestly been holding off until I see some better games come out. Like it or not, the 3DS is here to stay. It's the successor to the Nintendo DS.  It's more powerful than the Nintendo DS and even if developers aren't sold on 3D technology, they will take their games to it.  So I wouldn't let the fear of the Nintendo 3DS turning into the next Nintendo Virtual Boy scare you away from a day one purchase.  It won't flop that bad.  Nintendo won't let it.  In recent weeks, we've seen Nintendo back away from their stance of having only 3D games on the Nintendo 3DS.


3D TV - A Present to Me

I've been dealing with a 32" Philips TV running at 1080i for a number of years. I loved that TV, it was really nice just maybe on the small size for the space where it is. I recently decided it was time to upgrade to a larger TV more towards the size of 55" and support of 1080p. My quest started and ended at BJs, surprisingly since they had the best deal. If you are not familiar with BJs then you could relate them to COSTCO, PriceClub, or Sams Club. Same type of place just different name.


Call of Duty: Black Ops, my thoughts

When I was first introduced to the Call of Duty series Infinity Ward had just released Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Lot's of fun, put my old favorite PlayStation title SOCOM to shame. Then I played the beta of the upcoming Call of Duty: World at War by Treyarch. It was ok, nothing compared to Modern Warfare, plus I had heard that IW was far superior to Treyarch. That being said I passed up on World at War. Modern Warfare 2 was the return of Infinity Ward and got my attention immediately due to IW making this new version of COD. Modern Warfare 2 was a lot of fun just like COD4 but was a HUGE upgrade from 4.


StarCraft 2 - Banelings - (Justin Bieber - Baby PARODY)

Not sure how many of you have seen this yet, but it's got close to three million views on YouTube right now, so I suppose some of you might have seen it already.  BUT, if you haven't, Justin Bieber - Baby parody song/video for StarCraft 2 called Banelings.  I know, Bieber sucks, but this is actually really well done.  And it was just announced that all ad revenue from this song will be going to charity, so it's for a good cause if you watch it.


Windows 7 Phone - My thoughts

While walking through Manhattan today on my way to the Nintendo World Store and coming from Clown School (Wife and I will be in Macy's Day Parade), I accidentally (read: purposely) dragged my wife into an AT&T store since I wanted to see a Windows 7 phone. I saw, I believe, the HTC Surround and the Samsung Focus. Please keep in mind that this is not a review of either the phone or of Windows 7 just my thoughts of what I briefly saw today.


PlayStation Move calibration fails; found a fix

I was trying to play the Sports Champions today with my PlayStation Move on PS3 today and I was having a problem with the game calibrating the PlayStation Move controller.  The part right after you start the game and it wants you to point the PlayStation Move controller at the screen and press the two buttons.  It would fail every time.  I followed the on screen instructions to try and fix it, but nothing worked.  I also tried unplugging my camera and plugging it back it.  Nothing.  I tried playing the Time Crisis demo on the demo disc, but the cursor never pointed on the screen properly.

However, I did find something that worked to fix the problem.  In the PlayStation 3 menu, you can actually recalibrate the PlayStation Move controller.  See the video below on how to recalibrate the controller if you are having this problem.

I'm not sure if this is a permantent fix for the problem, but I haven't had any problems so far after doing it.


Nintendo 3DS Price and Release Date Announced? BLAH!

As you have already seen, Nintendo has finally announced the cost and release date of the Nintendo 3DS. But 25,000 YEN equates to about $300 US so figure it will cost roughly $230 here given the exchange rate, etc. That's a lot of dough for a handheld system. For the same price or pretty close you can get a home console that does much much more.

I am not one to generally knock Nintendo but that price seems high. I would have been more accepting of $150-$200, but breaking that $200 mark... ouch. Will I get one? Probably. I am sure that once I get my hands on one I will fall in love with the technology and want to buy it. It seems promising but I guess I have sticker shock right now and what sucks most of all is that we have to wait till March 2011 for a US launch.  UGH!


GameStop is terrible for buying used consoles and accessories!

I recently got an Xbox 360 Elite from my cousin who upgraded to an Xbox 360 Slim.  I now had my old Xbox 360 (original from launch) that I was planning on trading back in to GameStop for credit and using said credit to get the PlayStation Move.  However, I didn’t get any controllers from my cousin, so I was just going to keep my controllers that I had gotten with my original Xbox 360.

Sounds like a solid idea, right?  Well, that doesn’t work in GameStop’s world.  You can’t trade in an Xbox 360 console without a controller.  They just don’t take the system by itself is what I was told by a GameStop manager with a huge smile on his face.  So I asked him how much it would cost to buy a used Xbox 360 controller.  $40.  Yeah…you heard me right…$40 for a fucking used controller.  How much was a new controller?  $50!  So if I would have bought the overpriced used controller for $40, I probably could have traded it in along with the system for $60 and maybe made $15.  It wasn’t even cash I wanted…it was for goddamned store credit!!!  Store credit I was going spend right there and then in the store!


Don’t forget the Shadow Warrior!

I know Duke Nukem is all the rage and getting all the attention right now.  I completely understand that Duke Nukem Forever has been in development since Jesus was in diapers and its release next year is a huge deal.  However…let’s not forget the game that came out a year after Duke Nukem 3D…Shadow Warrior.

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